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One of our first projects ever was to create training for a state agency. We consider ourselves lifelong learners—so we know how we would want to be treated as students! The past few years have brought many challenges, yet also many new tools that enable us to extend the value of our training. Whether we hold our famous in-office sessions with creative case studies and hospitality or integrate virtual sessions and workgroups, our goal is to help you grow, gain practical knowledge, and begin applying it quickly. We offer a range of technical topics for professional transportation consultants as well as new modules intended to engage everyday citizens. Please contact us for current and upcoming offerings in 2024, and we will share schedules through professional event calendars.

Taking Notes

Multi-day intensive training in transportation planning disciplines for environmental professionals:

  •     Effective Approaches to Address National Environmental Policy Act for Transportation Projects

  •     Environmental Justice for Transportation Projects

  •     Public Involvement for Transportation Planning and Project Delivery

  •     Assessing Longer Range Impacts of Transportation Projects

Upcoming modules for other students:

  •     How Citizens Can Engage About Transportation and Local Growth

  •     Guide to Differences in Federal Public Participation

  •     Principles of Leadership, Teamwork, and Communications

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