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Each new consulting project has a unique mix of technical scope, critical resources, risk factors, and stakeholder engagement needs. We start by listening and planning our approach to match client preferences and project conditions. Strategically partnering with our client team is as crucial as our technical credentials. 


Our Expertise

•   Community impact assessment including environmental justice research and outreach

•   Public involvement

•   Strategic communications and public relations with integrated media

•   Impact assessment for federally funded projects

•   State and federal permit strategies

Whether we lead or support a team, our focus remains on delivering high quality results, reducing risks, and supporting sustainable development. 


Project Types

•    Senior mentoring/advisory, quality reviews, and environmental consulting services including on-call 

•    Streetscape, sidewalk, and trail improvements from NEPA through permits

•    Intersections including roundabouts

•    Downtown revitalization/redevelopment

•    Highway widening and new location 

•    Complex urban transportation projects

•    Site development advisory services and permitting

•    Environmental reviews of federal-aid projects for housing (HUD), transportation (FHWA/FAA), and                    permitting (USACE)

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